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Explore powerful new features built on a legacy of doctor-inspired innovation.

Dexis Spark scanner with Orthodontist and patient

Optimize your practice workflow with Spark Aligners powerful new features.

Offering a host of innovations inspired by orthodontists, the new Spark Aligner updates will increase practice efficiency and deliver a seamless workflow.

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Spark Approver Web

Get anywhere-access to your favorite features.

Access cases anytime, anywhere, and seamlessly between computers.

Accessing the latest Spark Approver software is easier than ever with new cloud-based convenience. On the go, in your office, and from any computer — all you need is an internet connection to put the powerful Spark Approver features to work for you. 

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Take Spark Approver features to go.

All your favorite Spark Approver desktop features, now served up on the web.

The new Spark Approver Web allows you to:

  • Save, modify, and secure files in the cloud.
  • Save time with no installation updates required.
  • Switch seamlessly between desktop and cloud as needed.

Supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Spark Approver Web works on any internet-connected computer — no installation or updates required.

Optimized Open Platform-

with Spark Approver and DEXIS IOS Integration.

Spark doctor pointing to Dexis software on monitor

Seamlessly integrated for a faster workflow.

  • Spark Approver open file platform is now directly integrated with DEXIS IOS ScanFlow, making case submission easier and faster.
  • With one single click from IS ScanFlow, the dataset, and corresponding patient information and STL files are captured by the Spark system, automatically creating a new case on the Spark DTX Portal.
  • Users can add scans, CBCT, PAN, X-rays, and photos to the Spark DTX Portal directly using “DTX Collaborate” or quickly send scans directly from DEXIS IOS ScanFlow.
  • Unlike the leading aligner brand, DEXIS IOS Solutions provide an open platform so practitioners can submit orders for functional appliances through their preferred provider.
Dexis scanner handheld scanning patient's teeth

What Doctors Are Saying

“Spark Approver Web gives me more mobility, flexibility, and convenience. I don’t have to be in my office to solve case holds and make quick changes. I can literally work from anywhere.”
Dr. Jeff Summers**
“Ormco and Spark are constantly improving the Spark Approver software. With the TruRoot Collision Alert System, I can now plan a patient’s treatment with a better understanding of where the roots are in the bone especially in relationship to the cortical plate. This allows me as a provider to plan cases better and have more practical, tailored aligners for my patients.* ”
Dr. Richard Lee**
"DEXIS IOS Solutions makes intraoral scanning simpler at every stage to seamlessly integrate scanning, planning, producing and treatment. Optimized efficiency, accuracy and flexibility in treatment planning is a true game-changer for my practice."
Dr. Alyssa Carter**
“The TruRoot Feature is a true innovation in orthodontics. For the first time, we will be able to treatment plan tooth movements with the exact knowledge we need to finish with a perfect, healthy, periodontal outcomes. If you factor in multidisciplinary cases that involve setting up implant spaces, this technology truly sets Spark apart from other clear aligner brands.”
Dr. Bill Dischinger**
“The low-profile Integrated Hooks are the latest example of Spark’s dedication to clinical innovation. Although initially intended for use in Class II and Class III vectors, I found that adjusting their orientation vertically revolutionizes gummy smile and severe anterior open bite treatment with TADs and Clear Aligners.”
Dr. Jeff Alba**
“Ormco has a legacy of continuous, doctor-inspired innovation. And it shows in this new release. As an Ormco insider I can attest to the fact that Spark is listening to us doctors. Each release is designed to make our lives better, to help us provide effective patient care and work more efficiently. I am thrilled with the direction that we're going together.”
Dr. Jeff Summers**

Clinical and Workflow Updates

More choice. More control. More confidence.

Advanced force retention with added flexible options.

Now you have a choice between TruGENTM and TruGEN XRTM on all primary and refinement Spark product orders including Spark 10, 20 and Advanced.    

Both material options offer the same orthodontist-approved advanced force retention, clarity, stain resistance and material thickness. For expansion and finishing movements, TruGEN XR delivers additional rigidity and higher initial force.*

Make instant changes. Improve workflow efficiency. 
Resolve issues faster.

Take your workflow to the next level with the Release 14 "game changer" updates:
  • Expanded Real Time Approval: Make instant changes to instantly improve efficiencies with Passive Aligner Editing. Gain more flexibility when adding and editing passive aligners.
  • TruRoot CBCT Collision Alert System: predict and prevent collisions during treatment to help doctors plan treatments with more precautions. This feature automatically detects and highlights areas on the root surfaces that are touching or penetrating cortical bone.
  • Aligner Trimline: take the guesswork out your workflow with and accurate visualization of the actual trimline in the Approver Software.
  • Web Scan Hold Resolution: get faster case hold resolutions for faster results. Get detailed information in your dashboard to resolve scan issues with the new edit feature to minimize scan-matching errors.
  • Integrated Hooks Update: three retention attachment sizes (small, medium, and large)*

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*Data on file.  

**Drs Jeff Summers, Richard Lee, Alyssa Carter, Bill Dischinger and Jeff Alba are paid consultants for Ormco. The opinions expressed are those of the doctors. Ormco is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own judgment in treating their patients.