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The Latest Advancements in Clear Dental Aligner Material*

Designed for a high-tech smile transformation experience, our aligners are made with the latest dental aligner material available. Spark Aligners’ TruGEN is proven to perform better compared to the leading aligner brand with:

  • More sustained force retention
  • Better surface contact area with the tooth
  • Clearer, more comfortable, and stains less

Force retention is a key factor impacting aligner predictability.*

Key Features

More Sustained Force Retention

TruGEN material provides better force retention and more efficient tooth movement than the leading aligner brand. With innovative Spark Clear Aligners you can provide your patients with comfort while also experiencing more efficient and pleasing results.*

Flexural Modulus (GPa)

The TruGEN material is the latest innovation in proprietary branded aligner material. There are two varieties, TruGEN and TruGEN XR, that differ from each other in terms of flexibility. TruGEN XR is more rigid while TruGEN is more flexible. A higher flexural modulus value indicates a more rigid material.

Both TruGEN and TruGEN XR have .75mm (.030in) material thickness.

Flexural Modulus GPA Chart
Spark TruGEN Material Tooth Zoom

The Science Behind Spark Aligners

98% of doctors agree that the contact surface area between the aligner and the tooth is a key factor driving aligner predictability.1 See how Spark Aligners achieve better contact than the leading aligner brand.*

TruGEN Material Choices


Spark Clear Aligners give doctors control and flexibility when choosing dental tray material options.

  • Now you have a choice between TruGEN™ and TruGEN XRTM on all primary and refinement Spark product orders including Spark 10, 20 and Advanced.
  • Both material options offer the same orthodontist-approved advanced force retention, clarity, stain resistance and material thickness.
  • For expansion and finishing movements, TruGEN XR delivers additional rigidity and higher initial force.*


TruGEN & TruGEN XR Materials are Available for all Primary & Refinement Spark Cases







100% Patient Recommended*

Spark Aligners are the way to go if you’re looking for a more comfortable treatment with the latest innovative dental aligner material available. Provide a smooth smile transformation with TruGEN material, which is clearer, more comfortable, and stains less compared to the leading aligner brand.* That’s why 100% of patients surveyed would recommend Spark to a friend.2 TruGEN and TruGenXR are also BPA, mercury, latex, and phthalate-free.*

More Clear

More Comfortable

Stains Less

Hear From Spark Providers

“The TruGEN aligner material is crystal clear and the software interface is amazing.”
Dr. Stuart Frost* †
“The Spark attachment template material is outstanding. It peels off easily, doesn’t readily distort, and I’ve never found it to tear. As bonding attachments consumes more chairtime than almost all other aligner protocol, this adds to Spark's efficiency.”

Dr. Vas Srinivasan* †
“The TruGEN material is very clear and seats well on the teeth.”

Dr. Robert Gire* †
“Spark sets a new standard in clarity for aligners.”

Dr. Jeffrey Heinz* †
“Our assistants were blown away by how user-friendly the attachment template is to use!”

Dr. Jeffrey Heinz* †

Give Your Patients the Best Experience

Spark Clear Aligners continue to leave a smile on the faces of many pleased patients. If you're ready to try our TruGEN dental material options for your practice, contact us today. New customer pricing available. Contact us to learn more.**

*Data on file.   
**Eligible for new customers in North America only. Valid for dual arch Spark advanced cases and cannot be combined with other offers. Contact a Spark specialist for more information.  
*†Dr's. Bill Dischinger, Vas Srinivasan, Ashley Smith, Jeffrey Heinz, Mike DePascale, Sonia Palleck, Andre Nazarov, Stuart Frost, Robert Gire are paid consultants for Ormco. The opinions that are quoted in this material are those of the doctors. Clinicians should use their own judgment in treating their patients.  
1Based on a survey with 60 Spark doctors who have approved 100 or more Spark cases. Data on file.  
2Data on file. Based on a survey of 101 patients.