Shared Innovation in Orthodontic Solutions

With over 60 years serving the orthodontic community, we share your vision and desire for innovative solutions for your practice and your patients.

Our Shared Innovation - Inspired by You

Ormco has been collaborating with orthodontists for over 60 years to better understand their needs and challenges. When it comes to product innovation, we take our inspiration from the orthodontic experts we serve. With continuous investment in Research & Development, our solutions empower leading practices to improve patients’ smiles.1

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Spark™ Clear Aligner

Designed For The Needs Of Orthodontists
Spark Clear Aligners are built with the latest innovation in orthodontic material and achieve better contact between the aligner and the tooth than the leading aligner brand. Enjoy greater start-to-finish control and flexibility.

Damon Ultima™ System

The First True Full-Expression System
The Damon Ultima System is the first true full-expression orthodontic system designed for faster and more precise finishing. It is completely re-engineered to virtually eliminate play for precise control of rotation, angulation, and torque.

Ormco™ Digital Bonding

Powered by Spark Technology
Ormco Digital Bonding, Powered by Spark Technology combines Ormco’s best-in-class solutions to achieve bracket position and streamline practice workflow leveraging Damon Ultima brackets, the Spark Software Platform and Ormco Jigs Technology.

Symetri™ Clear Bracket

Proprietary Innovation in Ceramic Brackets
Symetri Clear is an advanced aesthetic bracket designed for refined strength, patient comfort and easy*, safe debonding and repositioning** in one piece. Symetri Clear's low profile helps minimize occlusal interference and increase patient comfort.

Dexis™ IS Premium

A Simpler Path to Better Outcomes
DEXIS IS Solutions make intraoral scanning simpler at every stage – from the initial scan, right up to the last moment of a patient’s final appointment. Our premium intraoral products work together across scanning, planning, producing and treatment.

Prezurv™ Retainers

Prevent Relapse & Maintain Your Smile
The Prezurv system provides multiple sets of retainers to assure teeth stay in their optimal position. Patients worry less about lost, broken or discolored retainers. Efficient and cost effective system to help maintain long term smile protection.
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$ Millions

Invested Annually on R&D

Products developed in concert with doctors, key thought leaders and universities

Over 1,000

Patents Filed Worldwide

Currently holding 500+ patents demonstrating the strength of our innovation heritage


Doctors Attended Events

Over 33,000 doctors have attended Ormco educational events and conferences since 2020

We Are Ormco

With over 60 years of research and product innovation, Ormco has helped doctors transform more than 20,000,000 smiles in more than 130 countries.
Since 1960, Ormco has set the standard for orthodontic innovation and shaped the trajectory of the industry on a global scale. We’ve made unrivaled investments in development and technology allowing us to drive the future of orthodontics, together. 
It’s even in our name… ORMCO, Orthodontic Research and Manufacturing Company.

1Data on file.

*Using the Symetri Clear debonding instrument.

**Debonded and repositioned/rebonded on the same tooth one time (1x) using Ortho Solo™ Primer and Blugloo™ Adhesive per IFU 070- 2244, Rev F. Data on file.