Quality and Value 

From Copper NiTi® and TMA to stainless steel, Ormco has refined its archwire development and manufacturing processes to a science to ensure consistent and predictable wire performance.

With Copper Ni-Ti, clinicians and patients both benefit from the enhanced thermal-reactive properties of nickel, titanium, copper and chromium for consistent delivery of forces all throughout treatment. Unloading (springback) properties facilitate fast, efficient tooth movement while loading forces are smaller than nickel-titanium wires for easy wire engagement in the bracket slot.

Ormco's TMA brand of Beta Titanium remains the industry standard for consistency and quality. With half the force but twice the working range of stainless steel, TMA has indications for all stages of treatment. It is especially beneficial as a main working wire.

Finally, Ormco stainless steel wires are made of 300 series alloys to high tensile strengths in excess of 300,000 psi. The wires are manufactured to the highest quality for dimensional precision and surface finish, providing optimum forces for arch stability, resilience, formability and sliding mechanics.

Archwire Types

  • SmartArch

    Introducing SmartArch™, designed to allow clinicians to move into a finishing wire after just two archwires.

  • Copper Ni-Ti

    Ormco introduced Copper NiTi wire over twenty years ago and has become world renowned ...

  • Tru Arch

    Tru-Arch® Arch Form orthodontic archwires are the optimal shape for ideal occlusion with the Straight-Wire system.