Two is better than one

Introducing Damon™ Q2, featuring 2x rotation control1 for optimal precision, predictability, and efficiency. Treat all cases with the utmost confidence and bracket reliability2 for the best possible smile result. Now available in standard and variable torque.


2x Better Rotation Control Than Competitive Brackets

Damon Q2 offers better rotation control than SLX™ 3D and SLX™, providing you with the performance and control needed to treat cases with outstanding results.

*On average for all 3 to 3 teeth (U/L 3-3). Carriere® SLX™ and Carriere® SLX™ 3D are registered trademarks of Henry Schein® Orthodontics.


The refined precision slot of Damon Q2 provides an over 2x improvement in rotation control1 for optimal precision and predictability—providing clinicians the versatility to help efficiently treat all cases with simplified mechanics.

1. Predictable Performance

Modified prescription3 for upper, central and lateral standard torque brackets, designed to deliver predictable and efficient treatment

2. Enhanced Versatility

Tie-wing design provides ample under tie-wing area4 to better accommodate all power chain, elastics, steel ligatures and other auxiliaries for treatment versatility

New Drop-in Hook  designed to provide improved bending strength and durability with Ormco’s elastics and auxiliaries

3. Simplified Positioning

New vertical scribe line along with the rhomboid-shaped pad helps guide desired bracket placement

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Seamless Compatibility With The Damon System

Offering a complete and interchangeable system of metal and aesthetic appliances, Damon™ Q2 functions seamlessly with: Damon™ Q brackets, Damon™ Clear2 brackets, SnapLink™ buccal tubes, Accent™ Mini buccal tubes, and Titanium buccal tubes.

1 +2x U3-3 compared to original DQ bracket
2 Compared to other Damon Systems
3 Standard Damon 3MX prescription
4 Damon Q2 compared to Damon Q
Internal data on file.

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