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Spark™ Aligners provide an effective, nearly invisible and comfortable teeth straightening solution for your orthodontic needs With our modern, high-tech materials and passionate, innovative approach, Spark Aligners might be just what you need to provide your patients with the smiles of their dreams. Read our insightful and enlightening scientific articles written by widely recognized professionals who are dedicated to helping people on their dream smile journey. Explore clear aligner treatment with our blogs and learn more about how Spark Aligners is making an impact in the orthodontic industry.

The 5 Keys To Creating Beautiful Smiles With Aligners

The field of orthodontics is undergoing a significant shift driven by technological advancements, prompting a demand for innovative solutions like clear aligners. This transition has pushed orthodontists to embrace a more artistic approach, redefining aesthetic standards and treating smile creation as an art form.

Apr 04, 2024 5 min

Efficiency and Precision in Orthodontics: My Journey with Spark Clear Aligners

Dr. Michael T. DePascale shares his journey in the evolving field of orthodontics, highlighting the paradigm shift brought by clear aligner systems in 1998. He discusses his experience with Spark Clear Aligners, demonstrating their efficiency in achieving orthodontic goals with minimal appointments, showcasing a successful case study that dispels the notion that clear aligners are less effective than traditional braces.

Apr 04, 2024 5 min
Young lady holding Spark Clear Aligner

Spark Clear Aligners: Transforming Orthodontics and Patient Experience

Join a discussion on the evolution of orthodontics, highlighting the significant impact of clear aligners like the Spark Clear Aligner system. The Spark system, with its advanced software, compatibility with Mac computers, and superior material, is praised for its effectiveness and patient comfort, as demonstrated by two successful case studies.

Apr 04, 2024 5 min
Dr. Emory -Carter with her hands on her waist.

How Choosing The Right Aligner System Can Help Build A Practice

Dr. Alyssa Emory-Carter, DDS, MS, is a hometown orthodontist who owns and operates Dr. Alyssa Orthodontics in Texas. Dr. Emory-Carter has established herself as a respected orthodontist and advocate for advanced technologies. She focuses on enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations while building strong relationships with partners like Ormco Corp, the manufacturer of Spark Clear Aligners.

Apr 04, 2024
Man with clear aligner in his hands

How To Determine If Aligners Are Right For You

Dr. Mike DePascale, an orthodontist in Connecticut, praises Spark clear aligners for their customization, efficiency, and comfort. He believes they're the future of orthodontics, offering tailored treatment for various cases, from anterior open bites to musicians. Spark aligners address past limitations with advanced 3D software, transparent aligners, and patient-centric design. Their flexibility, ease of removal, and suitability for adults with prior dental work make them an excellent choice. Dr. DePascale anticipates Spark aligners will revolutionize the field and highlights their affordability, concluding that they're a superior option for orthodontic treatment.

Apr 04, 2024 5 Min

Spark Release 14: Key Clinical Updates & Doctor-Driven Innovations

Comprehensive technology and clinical improvements continue to support the treatment of orthodontic patients with Spark Clear Aligners Release 14. The Spark Aligner System is already an open platform that accepts scans from all major intraoral scanners. Now with Release 14, doctors will have even greater flexibility with the introduction of Spark Approver Web and seamless DEXIS™ IOS integration, along with exciting clinical and workflow updates.

Apr 04, 2024
Spark Upper Teeth Clear Aligner

Spark Release 13: Transforming Clear Aligners with Innovative Features

Orthodontic treatment has made significant progress with Spark Clear Aligners leading the way in innovation. The recent Spark Release 13 introduces groundbreaking features, including Integrated Hooks, CBCT TruRoot, and Real Time Approval. Integrated Hooks eliminate the challenges associated with traditional aligner cutouts by integrating the hooks directly into the aligners, ensuring durability and ease of use. CBCT TruRoot allows orthodontists to customize treatment plans by replacing library roots with a patient's actual root shape from CBCT scans, enabling better diagnosis and tooth movement analysis. Real Time Approval streamlines the approval process by allowing instant changes to aligner features without requiring a new setup. Ormco provides educational resources such as webinars and website information to support orthodontists in utilizing these advancements. Spark Release 13 signifies a significant advancement in clear aligner treatment, empowering orthodontists and improving patient care.

Apr 04, 2024
Spark Clear Aligner

Spark - Control and Flexibility in One

The latest update to Ormco Corp’s Spark Clear Aligner System introduces a new clear aligner material designed specifically for the finishing stage.

Apr 04, 2024

Spark - Deep Bite or the “Hidden” Teeth

After having treated more than 1500 patients with clear aligners of which some 300 are ongoing with Spark, I am always focused on satisfying requests and concerns patients have regarding their aesthetic needs while at the same time underlining the functional aspect of aligning teeth and the need to understand what a “mouth rehabilitation” means.

Apr 04, 2024 5 min

Spark - CBCT Tutorial

In this video tutorial, Dr. Karol Miranda talks about the new CBCT features and how to use them on the Approver Software.

Apr 04, 2024 15 min

Learn More About What Makes Spark Aligners Stand Out

Discover the countless ways in which Spark Aligners can help patients transform the alignment of their teeth and improve their oral health. From our TruGEN™ material to our Approver Software, Spark Aligners gives you more flexibility and control* with treatment planning and complex teeth movements. Keep an eye on the latest developments in our aligner technology and see new groundbreaking methods and practices designed for each individual’s smile goals. Stay in touch with the world of Spark Aligners by checking back to our blog often for the latest news and updates.

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