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Streamlined Teeth Straightening Treatment Options

Spark™ Aligners offers three flexible treatment options for teeth straightening to address a variety of issues based on your patients’ needs. Each system helps to ensure the required results can be achieved. Choose between Spark™ 10, Spark™ 20, or Advanced depending on the treatment requirements and personal smile goals discussed during the initial consultation.






DescriptionComprehensive treatment of complex malocclusionsTreatment of moderate malocclusionsRelapse, Prerestorative and minor malocclusionsA flexible ordering solution which doctors can order any number of aligner of retainers and pay per tray
Number of AlignersNo LimitUp to 20 stagesUp to 10 stagesAny number of stages
RefinementsUnlimited refinementsTwo refinementsOne refinementAny number of refinements
Wear TimeOne weekOne weekOne weekOne week


Why Orthodontists Love Spark Aligners

Spark Aligners provides the most innovative and comfortable teeth straightening solutions using the latest technology for patients who want to achieve their dream smile. Our patented materials TruGEN™ and TruGENXR™ are designed for effective orthodontic treatment and versatility to execute both complex tooth movements and refinements.* Creating many dental treatment possibilities and teeth straightening options, Spark Aligners can help treat a wide variety of malocclusions including spacing, crowding, open bite, crossbite, underbite, and overbite. In both trials and clinical practice, the Spark™ Clear Aligner System has created impressive finishes treating a variety of moderate Class I and II malocclusions.

“Spark Clear Aligner System has far exceeded my expectations and is an absolute home run.”
—Dr. Bill Dischinger*†
“From the get-go, Spark has been impressive. The delivery and manufacturing quality is on par with other major players. Ormco’s commitment to the profession and this treatment modality is truly amazing and something I can get behind.”
—Dr. Vas Srinivasan*†
“I am thoroughly impressed with the technicians so far. They have been responsive and eager to learn my preferences when building the aligners, which is already cutting down on the time I have to spend on modifications”
—Dr. Jeffrey Heinz*†

Become a Spark Provider Today

If you’re interested in using teeth-straightening aligners for your practice, contact us today. Our aligners are clearer, more comfortable, and more resistant to staining than the leading aligner brand.* Start your Spark journey by adding Spark Aligners as an option at your orthodontic practice. New customer pricing available. Contact us to learn more.**

*Data on file.   
**Eligible for new customers in North America only. Valid for dual arch Spark advanced cases and cannot be combined with other offers. Contact a Spark specialist for more information.   
*†Dr's. Bill Dischinger, Vas Srinivasan, Ashley Smith, Jeffrey Heinz, Mike DePascale, Sonia Palleck, Andre Nazarov, Stuart Frost, Robert Gire are paid consultants for Ormco. The opinions that are quoted in this material are those of the doctors. Clinicians should use their own judgment in treating their patients.