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On-Demand Program

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The Spark On-Demand Program allows doctors to order any number of Spark Aligners and PrezurvTM Plus Retainers in a simple, economical, and no subscription pricing structure.

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Spark On-Demand Features and Benefits

With this new program, doctors can order any number of aligners or retainers directly from the Spark DTX portal, including:

Spark Clear Aligners with all Spark features such as Smart STLs, Integrated Hooks and the material choice of TruGEN™ and TruGEN XR™.

PrezurvTM Plus Retainers* are powered by TruGEN Technology, the same technology used in Spark Clear Aligners. Available in both scalloped and straight trim, the Prezurv product line is made with a more rigid, thicker material designed to sustain retention and prevent relapse.

Increased Flexibility

With this new program, doctors can order any number of aligners or retainers directly from the Spark DTX portal including Spark Aligners with all Spark features and Prezurv Plus Retainers powered by TruGEN Technology.


Spark On-Demand provides an affordable option for orthodontic treatments, retention and combo treatments. Doctors can order any number of aligners or retainers and only pay per tray used. No subscription or commitment to a certain volume is needed.

More Convenient

Reduces the need for in-office printing or a dedicated lab space, subscription commitments, or outsourcing to local labs. Simply follow the Spark Aligner workflow to order Spark On-Demand through the Spark DTX Portal.

What Doctors Are Saying

“Ormco continues to find new ways to support orthodontists. With this new offering, I no longer have to worry about subscription commitments, complicated in-office printing, or outsourcing to local labs, which can positively impact the profitability and economics of my practice.”
Dr. Todd Bovenizer**

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*Prezurv Plus retainers are currently only available in the US.

**Dr. Bovenizer is a paid consultant for Ormco. The opinions expressed are those of the doctor. Ormco is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own judgment in treating their patients.