Enhancing Orthodontic Treatments:  How We Make Them Efficient, Predictable, and Differentiated.

Drs. Nichols and Frost standing next to each other.

Relationships are the foundation of joy and fulfillment in life, whether it's with family, friends, or colleagues. As orthodontists and twins, my brother Dr. Trevor Nichols and I, Dr. Stuart Frost, have experienced the power of relationships firsthand. Growing up together, we learned the value of motivating and pushing each other towards greatness. This understanding of the importance of relationships extends to our orthodontic practice, where we prioritize building strong partnerships to deliver exceptional patient care. In this blog, we will share our insights on making orthodontic treatments more efficient, predictable, and differentiated from others in the market.

The Importance of Relationships:

We firmly believe that collaboration and shared ideas inspire revolutionary work. At our practice, we not only cultivate relationships with our team members who align with our core values and vision but also establish essential partnerships with general dentists and other specialists. Trusting these alliances is key to our success.

Choosing the Right Product Partner:

Clinical freedom and the availability of excellent products are crucial for orthodontists. After dedicating 8 to 10-plus years to orthodontic education, we value the autonomy to shape our practice's vision. To achieve this, it's vital to find a product partner that aligns with our goals. We have chosen to partner with Ormco, a trusted provider of comprehensive orthodontic solutions. Their commitment to product development and understanding our needs has been instrumental in maintaining our leadership position.

Revolutionizing Treatment with the Damon Ultima System:

The Damon Ultima System, offered by Ormco, has transformed our approach to orthodontic treatment. This system combines innovative PSL (Passive Self-Ligation) technology with precise finishing techniques. The unique design of the Ultima bracket, featuring a round-sided rectangular wire and a parallelogram-shaped slot, enables engagement at vertical and horizontal contact points. This design reduces wire bending, resulting in faster and more accurate finishing. Since incorporating the Damon Ultima System into our practice, we have observed significant improvements in treatment time and a reduced number of appointments.

Harnessing the Power of Spark Aligners:

To provide exceptional results with clear aligners, we turned to Spark Clear Aligners, also provided by Ormco. Initially skeptical about achieving the same level of perfection as with brackets and wires, we were pleasantly surprised by Spark Aligners' capabilities. The TruGEN aligner material, exclusive to Spark, offers superior force retention and optimal surface contact with the teeth, leading to predictable aligner movements. Spark's unique case planning features, such as root visualization using CBCT DICOM files, posterior bite turbos for molar intrusion and gummy smile treatments, and the utilization of TruGEN and TruGEN XR materials for initial treatment and refinements, have enhanced our treatment outcomes. The Spark Approver Software has streamlined the case detailing process, saving us valuable time and reducing communication efforts.

Realizing Exceptional Results:

By combining the Damon Ultima System and Spark Aligners, we have achieved remarkable results for our patients. The efficiency and predictability of these treatment methods have significantly reduced treatment times and the number of appointments required. Allow us to share two case examples that demonstrate the transformative effects of our chosen treatment methods:

Case 1. Melody

Melody presented with various dental issues. Utilizing the Damon Ultima System, we completed her treatment in just 10 months and 9 appointments, requiring minimal wire bending for finishing.

Lady with before treatment pictures
Case 1. Melody Before Treatment
Lady with After Braces treatment pictures
Case 1. Melody After Treatment

Case 2. Ashley

Ashley's case posed several challenges, including a maxillary cant, tipped-in posterior teeth, and a Class III occlusion. Through Spark Aligners, her treatment spanned 13 months and six appointments, resulting in a corrected occlusion.

Lady with before Spark treatment pictures
Case 1. Ashley Before Treatment
Lady with After Spark treatment pictures
Case 2. Ashley After Treatment

Efficiency, predictability, and differentiation are vital elements in orthodontic treatments. By fostering meaningful relationships, choosing the right product partner, and utilizing innovative technologies like the Damon Ultima System and Spark Aligners, we can provide our patients with exceptional care and transformative results. The journey to achieving greatness in orthodontics is best undertaken through collaboration and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Trevor Nichols, DMD, MS, practices at Frost-Nichols Orthodontics in Mesa, Arizona. Dr. Nichols attended Arizona State University, where he completed a bachelor’s degree. He attended the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health for his doctoral training. He also holds a certificate in Dental Public Health. In addition, Dr. Nichols completed specialty training in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, and gained a master’s degree while completing research on temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Stuart Frost, DDS, is a recognized orthodontist, lecturer, educator, and author of “The Artist Orthodontist.” He is the owner of Frost Orthodontics in Mesa, Arizona, and received his dentistry degree from the University of Pacific and his orthodontics specialty certificate from the University of Rochester.

** Actual Spark and Damon Ultima patient images, which have not been altered. Patient results may vary. Images courtesy of Drs. Frost and Nichols.