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PeelVue PRO Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches

PeelVue PRO pouches are suitable for the sterilization or maintenance of sterility of your orthodontic instruments. PeelVue PRO is manufactured with a triple seal for increased strength against tears and fall-through. Validated for both steam and Ethylene Oxide sterilization, PeelVue PRO has separate internal and external indicators to show when pouch has undergone sterilization.

PeelVue™ PRO Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches
  • A. Triple seal for increased strength
  • B. Separate indicators for steam and EtO sterilization methods
  • C. Dotted perforation for easy visual guide when sealing pouch
  • D. Notch to assist with opening of pouch after sterilization

PeelVue PRO pouches are made with medical-grade, non-recycled paper and current with the packaging recommendations by the CDC. PeelVue PRO pouches have a 2-year shelf life from date of manufacture. Instruments sterilized with PeelVue PRO will remain sterile for up to 6 months.

Pre-Cleaning, Disinfecting & Lubricating Solutions

  • Step 1. PRE-CLEAN with EmPower, a versatile 3-in-1 solution.
  • Step 2. DISINFECT with ProCide-D Sterilant with MetriTest test strips, or Compliance, a liquid chemical sterilant.
  • Step 3. LUBRICATE with MetriLube to extend the life of your instruments’ joints and surfaces which prevent spotting, staining, and rusting.

EmPower Enzymatic Cleaning Solution

EmPower™ Enzymatic Cleaning Solution

EmPower serves as a 3-in-1 concentrated product: enzymatic presoak, ultrasonic cleaning solution and evacuation system cleaner. EmPower effectively cleans away blood, tissue, mucous and other protein-rich body fluids.

  • Neutral pH formula.
  • Easy to use and compatible with instruments.
  • Economically priced, concentrated product.
  • Contains two proteolytic enzymes for more effective cleaning.

ProCide-D Sterilant

ProCide-D™ Sterilant
  • ProCide-D is a long life, activated 28-day, buffered glutaraldehyde solution.
  • Recommended for the sterilization of heat sensitive, immersible dental equipment and instruments.
  • Achieve sterilization after soaking items for 10 hours at 25° C.
  • Compatible with most dental instruments*.

*Except dental handpieces. ProCide-D/ProCide-D Plus, is not designed to be used as a holding solution.

MetriTest Test Strips

MetriTest™ Test Strips
  • MetriTest Glutaraldehyde Test Strips 1.8% are glutaraldehyde concentration monitor for use in glutaraldehyde containing germicide solutions with a minimum effective concentration (MEC) of 1.8% glutaraldehyde.
  • Recommended to test the glutaraldehyde solution prior to each use to help prevent healthcare acquired infections (HAIs).
  • Designed to be used with ProCide-D.

Compliance Liquid Chemical Sterilant

Compliance™ Liquid Chemical Sterilant
  • Compliance is a liquid chemical sterilant and high-level disinfectant reusable for up to 14 days.

  • Hydrogen peroxide/peracetic acid formula that offers an alternative to glutaraldehyde formulas

  • Does not require activation ortest strips

  • Achieves high-level disinfection in 15 minutes at 20° C

  • Achieves sterilization in 3 hours at 20° C

MetriLubeInstrument Lubricant

MetriLube is an oil-based instrument lubricant that coats metal instruments to prevent spotting, staining, and rusting of surgical instruments and helps keep hinges working freely. MetriLube is available as a concentrate in a 1-gallon bottle.

MetriLube™Instrument Lubricant
  • Extends life of instruments

  • Non-greasy and silicone-free

  • Anti-corrosive on instruments

  • Economical

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