The New Era in Orthodontics 

With Dr Claudia Pinter

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Wed 4 Sep 2024             Sun 8 Sep 2024

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Digitally Powered Clinical Excellence

  • 1 case submission portal (for Ormco Digital Bonding cases & Spark Clear Aligner cases)
  • 1 easy-to-use software platform (leveraging the Spark Approver Software)
  • Damon Ultima Brackets, the first true full-expression orthodontic system designed for faster and more precise finishing
  • Custom bonding Jigs

Designed for the needs of orthodontists

Spark is an advanced clear aligner system designed for more predictable and efficient treatment planning from start-to-finish.
Damon Ultima
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The First True Full Expression System

Designed for faster and more precise finishing. It is completely re-engineered to virtually eliminate play for precise control of rotation, angulation, and torque.

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One partner for all your needs - past, present and future 

  • A future with the clinical freedom to grow your practice, your way
  • A future of continuous innovation, inspired by you
  • A future backed by over 60 years of dedication to the art of orthodontics
Join us and experience a future of promise that is shared by all.
Dexis IS
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Introducing DEXIS™ IS scanners

Our premium intraoral solution that seamlessly integrates across four areas – scanning, planning, producing and treatment – to help optimize efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.

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The advanced clear bracket designed with our latest proprietary innovation in ceramic bracket technology.

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Including 2020 Townie Choice Awards for Damon Q2, DamonClear2, VectorTAS, and AOA Lab.